Wipe It Wednesday:   The Rage/Love Clean

I’m done with the chaos!  Today is all about purging – if it doesn’t have a place, it’s out the door!



So, the rage clean was exhausting and rewarding!  I cleaned out and reorganized our entrance closet, our oldest son’s closet, our oldest son’s room and dis 6 loads of laundry!  

Everything I do is for my family – mainly my kids, but as sweet and selfless as that sounds, I’ve been going about it all wrong.  I realize that as a parent I overcome a lot, and it’s causing more harm than good.  I try to make sure my kids have everything they want and need so that they’re happy.  If they’re happy, I’ve succeeded as a mom, right?  WRONG!  My job is not to strive to make them happy, my job is to nurture and mold them so that they have the best chance to be a kind, respectful, honest adult.  Theirs is the choice to be content and thankful or otherwise.  

Today marks the close of one chapter and the beginning of a new one as our oldest son graduates from middle school to high school.  As my own way of celebrating, I cleaned out his room, transferred our youngest son’s belongings into it and moved all of Kailer’s necessities to the largest of the basement bedrooms.  I anticipate a negative reaction from him, and I’m ok with that – in time he’ll appreciate the fresh start and the new space.  He’s a young man now, and if I don’t treat him as such, he won’t be inclined to raise his own expectations of himself.  It’s a bitter-sweet emotional day as I hold onto him with one hand and usher him down this new path with the other.  


Tackle It Tuesday:   The Line Of Vision

When you walk through my front door, you’re able to see nearly my entire rec. room all at once.  Since my boys don’t utilize this area to its full potential, they tend to lack appreciation for it, and it becomes a convenient dumping ground…That’s going to change today!  I have big dreams for our home, and it’s now time to take back control and put our home back in order, as it once was.  

I’m so tired of making excuses for the chaos and clutter.  Having mild OCD, I tend to be an all or nothing person, which is terrible if I feel overwhelmed, because I just walk away from the chaos that needs my attention – kinda detrimental to the cleaning process 😀

Today, “stuff” is going to be disappearing 😀👍

Fifteen Minute Fling Friday: THE PURGE!

So my plan today is to spend 15 minutes in each room purging the items we no longer need or love.  Days like this are actually a fun adventure for the kiddos, as they get a short time of exploration in each of the rooms while I clean and organize.  

I’m going to a free swap tomorrow morning, and my goal is to bring at least two garbage bags full of stuff to give.  The only things I’m hoping to bring home are baby clothes for family/friends who are due soon, runner for my oldest 2 boys, some dog toys and a few clothing items for myself.  

Coffee consumption has commenced, energy levels are rising, tunes are thumping…NOW OFF I GO!!!


It’s lunch prep time, so I’m taking a break from decluttering.  I have one garbage bag full, and hoping to fill the second bag after lunch 👍

Wipe It Wednesdays:   The Master Bedroom

So I’ve been purging clutter from my house like a mad woman, and I’ve definitely noticed that my mood is much lighter and I’ve been focussing more on people than mess stress.  I still have a ways to go before I’m ready to say I’m content with the state of the house, but I’m getting there 😊

Today’s task is to wipe out the clutter in the master bedroom.  I’ve said it before, I believe that the bedroom should be an oasis where one can retreat to and recharge after a busy day – it’s the room where you start and end your day, so it should be an amazing room.  

To Do List:

  • Clear the room of ALL floor clutter
  • Vacuum
  • Organize/rearrange
  • Only bring in necessities 
  • Decorate
  • Purge leftovers from house

I’m very excited about this!  It will be chaotic and time consuming, but I’m eager to get started and to see the task complete 😊

Throw It Away Thursday:   Decluttering Our Home

Being a six member family, we tend to accumulate “stuff” quickly, most of which is useless and just takes up space.  Today began with a rage clean in the rec room, three loads of laundry, loading the dishwasher and tidying Kianna’s room – all before 8am.  From 8am to 10am I decluttered and tidied the entrance and main floor areas.  I have 1 donation bag and one garbage bag 👍

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s 15 Minute Fling 😀

Tackle It Tuesday:   The Main Floor

It’s another dreary day, which means crafts and colouring for the littles.  Today I’ll be tackling the main floor of our home – entrance, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, Kianna’s room and the master bedroom.  

There’s no to-do list today, everything on the main floor is getting decluttered, cleaned and organized!  Mama’s in GO mode! 😀👍

Minimalist Monday:   2 Bag Purge

I’m posting a bit later in the day than I intended, but welcome to Minimalist Monday – the day I work toward my goal of only owning essential items and those I use regularly or really love.  I believe it’s possible to have a beautiful organized home, even if that home envelopes 6 family members, a large dog and a cockatiel.  

Today’s goal:   Go through each room in the house and fill 2 garbage bags to donate.  I filled one bag already, and am on to the next one 😊